Manage your Iusify subscriptions

Manage your Iusify subscriptions

Iusify uses Google and Apple subscriptions for its paid products. To manage all subscriptions you must go to your account in the operating system  you use (Google Play or App Store) and cancel it.

If you have more than one product subscribed in Iusify you will have several products on the list to unsubscribe. Iusify does not concentrate all paid products in a single subscription

Google Play subscriptions

Android like iOS offers a menu page to manage the app subscriptions.

You may open the Play Store app, tap your account menu button, and choose subscriptions and payments. It will show your recurring purchases. The apps in the Play Store will reveal the billing amount and frequency.

It is time you manage these items. Change the way of paying by hitting update on the items or cancel subscription so that all the future payments are cancelled. If required you can sign up by re-subscribing it again. To manage subscriptions, Visit Play Store portal and click on My subscriptions. View payment details of each item, update or cancel your plan by clicking on Manage and modify your subscriptions.

Apple subscriptions

Buying on iOS implies the subscription is tied to Apple ID. On viewing the payments, tap your name and open the settings>ITunes& App Store> your Apple ID> View Apple ID> Subscriptions. The process may require you to verify the identity.

Tapping on the subscription will show if you can change the plan or not. Go to the screen bottom and end the payment by canceling the subscription button. Thus, it will stop charging and the account will stay active up to the next date.

To manage subscription on computer, use iTunes. Visit the app>view my account> view account. Scroll down to settings on the next page, find the subscriptions and click on manage. Click on the edit button to cancel or change the plan.