Interoperability: The essential foundation of Legaltech’s Future

Interoperability: The essential foundation of Legaltech’s Future

In legal tech, interoperability refers to the working of different legal tech solutions together, while exchanging data and achieving synergy in all of their processes. With interoperability, a lawyer does .not need to connect the data and processes manually as this responsibility is taken up by specially designed software.

The legal practice of the future will require efficiency and substantial improvement of workflows. It is not good for the legal sector that legaltech is building on technological silos that disadvantage lawyers and make them more resistant to implementing and streamlining their work processes. Without interoperability, it is very hard for a lawyer to know what tools to acquire and how to integrate them into his daily life.

If all tools work in their way, it will become impossible to create a Legal User Experience that increases efficiency, speed and agility in legal practice.

Solving these problems requires broader solutions that not only promote innovation but also allow the integration of third parties.


How is Iusify solving this problem?

We’ve created an ecosystem where everyone can use, where tools can communicate with each other, and where third parties can integrate quickly without major adjustments.

The ability to concentrate on a single platform, a potentially unlimited number of tools, ensures that the lawyer only needs to create an account and will have everything available, interoperable and customizable to his usage profile.

The lawyer gets his workflow automatically streamlined and efficient, saving time and making agile all the vast and complex processes and stages typical of legal practice. Iusify has an experienced team dedicated to Legal User Experience and a platform designed from scratch for the legal practice of the future.