Intermittent Digital Legal Practice: how we are solving it.

Intermittent Digital Legal Practice: how we are solving it.

Legaltech is bringing an avalanche of the same products focused on the same activities. All doing the same thing for the same processes.
Lawyer Workflow is much longer and with many more steps that need to be digitized and interconnected. It is worse for a lawyer to have small parts digitized than to be totally analog.

The famous industry resistance is very much related to the inability to think of the legal practice as a whole, to understand the lawyer and give him or her the Legal User Experience needed.

We can develop a tool only for due diligence or for contract creation, but what about the rest? Most lawyers are in solo practice or in small offices and solve small, non-specific cases and are required to advocate in several areas of law.

This type of lawyer cannot have dozens of different and dispersed tools that require him to be the link between them. This is the role of technology. The loss of efficiency, agility and speed is obvious. It is the opposite of what is intended to be achieved with legaltech.

Finally, legaltech is a baby market, it’s small though moneyed. Creating niche software forces legaltech companies to exponentially increase prices to be profitable. These very high prices make legaltech a mirage for most lawyers.

We call all this: Intermittent Digital Legal Practice

.Iusify was built specifically to solve this problem.

We created just one platform, one registry with all the tools inside. Then we made its architecture modular and multi-lingual which makes it adaptable to any type of jurisdiction and legal user and, within lawyers, to any type of legal practice and area of law.

Our platform is also designed to be potentially unlimited, which leaves us room to respond to all requirements with equal effort and to adapt quickly to trends. If lawyers need it, we will have it.

Finally, mobile. We will not only be mobile but we are mobile first. It makes no sense for lawyers to lose days of work with a client because they go to court or have meetings far away from their professional city. Mobility is a priority and simplifying mobile law practice is our priority.

We believe that this way we can solve the problem of the intermittent digital legal practice.

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