How to encrypt the latest Android  and iOS?

How to encrypt the latest Android and iOS?

Encrypting the Android:

The encryption technique mentioned here is meant for the users of Android version 7.0 till onwards. It should be kept in mind that the latest Android was released in September 2020, known as “Android 11 R.” The encryption technique employed here is known as “File-Based Encryption.”


Step 1: Backing up the Data:

Backing up all the data before encryption is necessary, as this process erases all the data from the phone

Step 2: Ensuring that the Android Mobile is Completely Charged:

Encryption takes a heavy toll on the mobile’s battery. Therefore, the mobile must be adequately charged (at least up to 80%). Also, there may be a need of keeping the device plugged in during the encryption process.

Step 3: Enabling Developer Options:

In this step, the user will have to enable “Developer Status.” This can be done as follows:

  • Finding and tapping the “About Phone” option in the Settings menu.
  • Finding and tapping the “Build Number” seven times. This “Build Number” option is situated in the “About” screen.
  • When the “Build Number” is tapped seven times, a statement saying “You are now ____ steps away from being a developer.”
  • After completing these steps, a message will appear saying, “You are now a developer!”



Step 4: Beginning the Encryption Process:

This step is completed as follows:

  • Finding and tapping the “Systems” menu in the main “Settings” menu.
  • Finding and tapping on the “Developer Options” in the Systems menu.
  • Finding and converting on the  “Convert File to Encryption” option.


Encrypting iOS:

Encrypting process on iPhones is significantly different from that on Android. Here’s how it is done:




Step 1:

Going to the “Touch ID and Passcode” option in the “Settings” menu.


Step 2:

Pressing the “Turn Passcode On” option if it has not been already enabled.


Step 3:

Choosing an alphanumeric or a custom numeric passcode by pressing the “Passcode” options.


Step 4:

In this step, the user will confirm his iPhone’s encryption. He will do so by scrolling to the “Touch ID  and Passcode” screen. This screen is present at the bottom of the “Settings” menu. Here, the encryption can be confirmed by seeing the “Data Protection Enabled” message.